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The Berg Corporation has developed and implemented one of the most ambitious safety and employee training programs in the Demolition Industry.
Initiative is structured into five key elements.

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Many thanks to you and your team at Berg for all you did to prepare for and clean up after the implosion of the Holiday Inn in Rosslyn. As you are aware, residents of our small condo building (The Dakota) were quite apprehensive about the implosion because of our location directly across the street from the hotel. We were concerned about potential damage to our building and inconvenience to our residents. To help us through the process you participated in online meetings, phone calls and in-person meetings with our residents to answer questions and provide creative solutions.

In preparation for the implosion, you and your team inspected our building and identified vulnerable areas. Then you devised a plan for protecting them and provided us with a timeline of what to expect. You supplied us with tape and plastic sheeting to cover items on our balconies that were too large or heavy to move.

Before the implosion, your team covered air conditioning units, exhausts and vents on our roof and sealed our garage. At our request, you draped the side of our building that faced the hotel to create a protective barrier against debris and dust. Your team was professional throughout and obviously quite experienced.

On the day of the implosion you were in frequent contact with us to ensure everything was going smoothly on our end. You notified us when it was safe to return to our building and your team immediately began uncovering and dismantling protective coverings. Then we watched from our windows as the cleanup crew tackled our street below using leaf blowers, brooms, street sweepers and water trucks until the street and sidewalks were clean and ready for vehicles and pedestrians. It was quite amazing to watch!

We really appreciate the care you and your team took to protect the Dakota and to clean up afterwards. We look forward to working with you in the coming months.

Susan Vincent, Hermann Habermann and Jim Beale
Dakota Condominium Board Members
Jeff Vincent and Dick Schwartzbard
Dakota Condominium Facilities Committee Members
Gilbane Building Company hired the Berg Corporation to remove a three-story building and gut and remove the pre-cast facade of the main Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Building. Berg did excellent work of protecting a neighboring building that housed children that were patients of the hospital. Berg’s operator was meticulous when working close to this structure and along a highly traveled Mc Elderry Street.
Berg utilized a 110 ton crane to remove 68 pre-cast panels weighing between 15,000 to 40,000 pounds each along N. Wolfe and Mc Elderry Streets in the heart of the Hopkins Hospital campus. The School of Nursing building remained operational during the entire process.
I also wanted to mention the professional way Berg’s employees conducted themselves when working inside of the school.
Chris Marro | General Superintendent
Gilbane Building Company
Our firm has had the pleasure of working with The Berg Corporation [Berg] on our most recent Baltimore City School, Govans Elementary. To date, they have performed IH services, asbestos removal, and demolition of the existing school. This project has come with its many challenges, one of which is the extremely aggressive schedule.
I will say with complete confidence that not only has The Berg Corporation acted in the utmost professional manner, both field and office, they have performed in a manner that is exemplary. The workdays and week are long, as we work 12 hour days and 6 to 7 days a week, yet Berg continues to work tirelessly and diligently to assist us in our endeavor to remain on schedule.
It has been a pleasure working with Berg, and all the fantastic people they have working within their company, as they have provided superb customer services through communication, effort, and expedited production. It would be my pleasure to work with them again.
Amy Gorman
Dustin Construction Inc.
I wanted to take this chance to commend the Berg Corporation team who participated in the asbestos and hazardous material abatement, gutting, razing, haul off and backfilling of the W.P. Carter Center a former mental health facility in Baltimore MD. This 8 story 250,000 square foot structure was sandwiched between one of Baltimore’s most heavily traveled thoroughfares, W. Fayette Street, student housing, an office building and sat flush against a 110′ tall parking garage. Berg utilized an impressive assortment of machinery to remove this building with no injuries and only de-minimis damages, but it was Berg’s personnel I was most impressed with. Berg’s pre-construction team was most adept in communicating plan, progression and schedule to sensitive neighbors. Project Management was responsive, communicative and professional: The field contingent who oversaw the actual work attended promptly to our every need. They were charged with making decisions and had their own line of communication with me.
I would recommend the Berg Corporation for anyone facing a major demolition challenge.
Patrick Devereux | Project Manager
WP Carter Center
The Berg Corporation was contracted by Obrecht Realty Services, Inc. to separate, gut and raze the Sinai Rymland Building located at 2401 Belvedere Avenue in Baltimore. While the structure was of modest size, it set three feet from an active wing of the main hospital building. Medical procedures and patient rooms were in direct proximity to the structure being demolished.
I was impressed with the level of attention provided by the Berg team. Sinai Facilities Manager and I met with Berg’s Owner, David Berg, and Senior Executives Christopher Trendell and Zachary Gilden on numerous occasions at the site. They designed the severance of the structure to remain from the structure to be demolished. They gutted and razed the structure with no intrusion to hospital staff or patients.
I would highly recommend using Berg in a hospital setting.
Michael Kenney | Project Manager
Obrecht Properties – Sinai Rymland
Berg Demolition was the demolition contractor on our most recent project, Modera Kirkwood in Arlington, VA. As demolition contractors usually do, they worked with us early in process to develop pricing and finalize our demolition scope of work. They honored their original pricing through the preconstruction period through contracting.
They arrived on site and worked well with our on-site superintendent. The schedule was challenging as it carried over the Christmas and New Years holiday season. Berg worked through a couple items which fell into the scope “gray area” honoring their pledge to be a team player. Through all this, Berg honored their commitment and finished on time and on budget.
The team was responsive and helpful from their office staff to the field staff. Any site, schedule, or contract issues were promptly addressed. The team of Aron and Zach were always reachable and remained patient as we were working through the terms of the Contract.
It was a pleasure working with the Berg team and I would recommend them for any demolition project, large or small.
Mark Barberich | Vice President
MCRT Mid-Atlantic Construction, LLC