Commitment to Safety

Our Safety Policies

The Berg Corporation has developed and implemented one of the most ambitious safety and employee training programs in the Demolition Industry.

Initiative is structured into five elements:

Recruitment / Hiring Practices

Stringent interviews, business references, thorough background checks, pre-employment physicals and drug/alcohol screening are utilized to ensure we hire candidate of character.

Ongoing Training and Development

Prior to working in the field, all new hires receive demolition specific onboard training for their protection and quality control. Immediately upon reporting to field operations, employees begin an ongoing training progression that spans laborer through superintendent.


Each new employee is assigned a mentor immediately upon reaching their first assignment. The mentor, typically a foreman, superintendent, or a handpicked individual, is proficient in a particular task. Mentoring to focus on safe and efficient work practices.

Daily Documented Safety Inspections

Utilizing the KPA EHS Management site superintendents conduct daily documented site safety audits. This is augmented with unannounced audits performed by our chief of safety and general superintendents.

Executive Presence
in Field

Berg senior management is hands on and engaged. They frequently visit our sites and communicate on a continuum with field personnel.
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Berg Safety Insurance Coverage

Berg Safety - Bonding

Bonding Capacity

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asbestos abatement | The BERG Corporation

Berg Safety - EMR

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Commitment to Safety:

Environmental, health and safety (EHS) is at the center of The Berg Corporation’s company culture. At the core of our EHS program are our people. The health and safety of our teammates, clients, fellow tradesmen, equipment, bystanders, and property are the core responsibility of every Berg Team member. Our goal is to foster an inclusive and safe work environment for all involved.

Safety begins during the hiring process with extensive interviews, background checks, follow up with references ensure we are choosing people of high moral character that share our commitment to excellence and a full physical including drug and alcohol screen.

New employees are subject to a rights and responsibilities overview, Berg proprietary onboard training, assignment of a mentor and 90-day review to rate work ethic, adherence to our company safety policy, ability to grasp the fundamentals of the demolition industry.

Training continues for the entirety of every employee’s tenure in the field and classroom. Progression Training ensures competency and consistency from each Berg employee.

Daily Safety inspections by our site superintendents, safety professionals, and general superintendents ensure the protection of all involved.

Safety Program Highlights

Founded in 1989 as a safety benchmarking and improvement tool, STEP has evolved into a world-class safety management system that dramatically improves safety performance

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Detailed project handoffs as well as an ongoing open line of communication between the estimating and operations departments ensure project is delivered per design. Proactive detailed planning enhances safety and productivity while keeping project on schedule.
Immediately upon award we assist our clients with completing all predicate action items to ensure the most expeditious project start. We also construct all demolition associated OSHA required documents and work plans to ensure our clients are protected, fluent and comfortable in our suggested means and methods.
Planning continues throughout the life of the job with each project broken out by task, leader, team, PPE, training and tools. This process maximizes daily production. Client critical path is also reviewed daily.
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