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Chief executive officer

Zachary Gilden

A 1984 graduate of Towson State University, Zachary owned and operated a renovation and janitorial operation catering to commercial real estate, industry, and property managers for 9 years prior to joining the Berg Family.
Employed in Berg businesses since 1993, Zachary began as an operations manager for Debris Disposers, a roll off company servicing the construction industry. Over the next six years, he assisted in Berg Recycling (scrap steel) and Baltimore Environmental Recovery Group (material recovery facility) eventually charged with running Debris Disposers and Baltimore Environmental Recovery Group. Both operations were sold to Waste Management Inc (WMI).
Moving to WMI and continuing as General Manager of the material recovery facility and overseeing construction accounts in Baltimore and Washington for two years before returning to the newly formed Berg Corporation as Vice President of Operations promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2005 and President in 2010.
Benefiting from content and mentorships through participation on the National Safety Committee of the National Demolition Association, Zach was integral in developing a safety program and methodology that has allowed us to position ourselves as first choice for projects with highest technical degree of difficulty and risk.
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