Senior Estimator

The Berg Corporation is seeking a Senior Estimator to independently price up:

  • Full building razing
  • Removal of underground improvements
  • Selective structural demolition / building augmentation
  • Skinning of structures
  • Full building strip outs.

Successful candidate should have eight years or more experience in either:

  • Engineering
  • Construction management
  • Foundational or heavy highway background
  • Applicable field experience

Responsibilities to include:

  • Triage to determine appropriate projects to bid.
  • Participate in pre-bid site visits gathering pertinent information.
  • Reviewing and completing Requests for Proposals:
    • Scope of work
    • Project drawings
    • Project Specifications
    • Reviewing all for completeness and prepare RFI’s for additional information required
  • Performing take offs
  • Prepare scope of works for and obtain competitive pricing from subcontractors.
  • Pricing project
  • Developing preliminary project schedules
  • Completing bid forms
  • Participating in scope reviews
  • Constructing scopes, exclusions and clarifications associated with bidding a project.

Excellent salary and benefit package for the successful candidate.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

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