2024 STEP Safety Management System – Platinum

The Berg Corporation was awarded Platinum status through Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) and their safety & health program evaluation system known as STEP. This achievement is a result of the direct efforts of each Berg team member and the choice to establish safety & health as a core value within our organization. We appreciate the effort of our Berg team regarding the overall improvement in our safety & health program.

The evaluation process includes categories such as leadership involvement, company culture, systems and process evaluation, total human health and company results relating to loss analysis information. Our program has become more robust and sophisticated over the past several years due to the engagement, feedback, and team effort to continuously improve to make our company a safer, more employee centric organization. It is important to note that this level of recognition is held in high regard by our clients who place a similar level of focus on safety & health on all their projects (we are considered 619% safer than the national average). This is a critical differentiator to separate us from our competition and enables future growth in the markets we serve.


We thank our Berg team for placing safety & health at the forefront of our operations and look forward to building upon this success.

 Click here to learn more about ABC’s STEP program.


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